Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Class LIst Log

The Class List Log is a format to record one or short, specific pieces of information about each child present on that day. Blank forms are made byb alphabetically arranging the first names of the children. While the children are engaged in work or play, the recorder uses the Class List Logs to record information on one skil or behavior for each child in the group. The Class List Log is best for recording on the spot observations or memorable frequent events. Uses of the Class Log List might be used to take attendance or to make notes on one's behavior for a specific purpose. The advantages is an efficient method because it is quick and easy, records specific information on every child in the group, gives specific,dated, factual information, can be transferred to other forms of recordings as base information,and can be used later for comparison. The disadvantages may not be desirable because the forms becomes outdated as tghe chilkdren enter or leave the group, rewrituing is time consuming, limited information is recorded, and it must be repeated to be valuable for comparison.


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